Guidelines for Draining Swimming Pools

swimming pool drainage

swimming pool drainageIn the past some residents drained their pools into the culverts which feeds directly into our ponds. Please DO NOT DO THIS!!!


Your swimming pool is filled with chlorinated water. Chlorinated water discharged directly to surface waters (wetlands, lakes, streams, and rivers), roadways or storm sewers has an adverse impact on local water quality. High concentrations of chlorine, as are present in swimming pools, are toxic to wildlife and fish. Appropriate preparations should be made prior to draining down a pool during pool winterizing. It is recommended that one of the following measures be used:
De-chlorinate the water in the pool prior to draining. This can be done through mechanical or chemical means. These types of products are readily available at local stores.


Drain the pool over a period of several days across your lawn using the following additional guidelines:

1) Allow pool water to sit at least 2 days while receiving a reasonable amount of sunlight, and without further addition of chlorine or bromine. It is recommended that the chlorine level be tested after 2 days to ensure that safe levels are met (below 0.1 mg/l).

2) Ideally, pool water should be removed and trucked out. Otherwise, pool discharge should be directed across your lawn, not down your driveway or into nearby storm culverts. Our storm sewer system leads directly to wetlands, ponds, and the river.

These recommendations are based on guidance from the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency. Visit for additional information.

Please do your part to help promote cleaner wetlands, streams, lakes and rivers.
Thank you.