RPZ Certification

rpz2The Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (IEPA) Title 35 requires every water supplier to develop and implement a comprehensive cross-connection control program for the elimination of all existing cross-connections and the prevention of all future cross- connections. The Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) also has codes and regulations in place


Backflow or RPZ certification is required for all systems that are pressurized and have the potential to contaminate our water supply and should be done before first use after shutdown,  or at least yearly.  It is also not limited to irrigation systems but can include other systems like pools and boilers.


All homeowners must provide yearly proof that their system is in compliance regardless if their system is temporarily shut down or they have decided not to use it that year. Failure to have current certifications on file could result in a $1000 per incident fine from IEPA.


In order to streamline the backflow certification process and eliminate past issues, some changes were implemented for 2014.

          –  All certifications, including shutdown certification, must now be submitted by no later than June 15th.  They can and should be done earlier if you use your system before then.


          – After this time the water shut-off procedure will be started.


          –  If you do not have a system with a back flow prevention valve (irrigation, pool, boiler) or have had it disconnected, but have received notice that certification is due, then please contact Town and Country to schedule an inspection to verify this no later than June 15th.


In the past years we have allowed self-certification of unused systems, but we’ve been informed that this is no longer an option with the IEPA.  For those who have used this option, you will now either need to have your RPZ permanently removed and removal certified by an authorized professional, or have yearly certifications.
Updated May, 2015.